Tuesday, January 11, 2011

progress update

This picture shows the inside of the flywheel compartment with the wire netting that was added by the guy who built the sucker.

Left side all cleaned up

Right side all cleaned up as well

Rear of the cases.  Note the three mounting bolt areas.  These were all cut in order to get the bolts out.  They were then welded up and lapped with a stone to get the cases to sit right.  Thanks Little Ray for the awesome weld job!

So I went back down to Digger's speed shop to continue the work on my bike.  I cleaned up the gasket areas on the cases and gave my motor a good once over with some brake cleaner and a rag.  It looks 10 times better.  There was a lot of gunk on this baby.
I placed the case halves together to check the gap between the two gasket surfaces.  The leak was coming from the case seams so I was pretty sure they weren't in good shape.  I was right.  This puppy was in bad shape.
I took a lapping stone and slowly ground down all the high spots in hopes to get less clearance between the case halves.
It worked!  The clearance is practically zero and with a little yamabond, I am pretty certain the leak will be gone.  Fingers crossed.
Next I will need to mill the holes that were welded shut for the rear motor mount studs.  After that, the bearings and seals will be replaced and I should be in good shape.
More updates to come.  Thanks for reading.

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