Monday, June 10, 2013

Apocalypse run VI

Taylor at Tecquomenon Falls
Crabs and Mastiffs on the Chase Truck-Mackinaw Bridge
Ugliest Flag girl ever for the slow race
Damn Monkeys!  Ted is crazy.  25 ft pole climb
this maybe true
This may be even more true
Ran into Swimmer Rob at a random stop along the way.  He joined us and brought his infamous home made whiskey and shine
Harley partying down!

Stop in Traverse City for food on the way up.
Here are some photos.  More to come
Meeting up outside GR.

Slim Reaper giving the safety speech

Pit stop

Josh from GR

Aaron's long ass pan

Slim's Gen Shovel

Near Tacquamenon Falls

Lake Superior laughs

Some people were met for the first time.  Everyone got along like we knew each other for years

Graham from the Iron Mustangs GR

Graham, Jesse and Dan

T-bone and the witch

Rusty of Mercy Supply.  A true craftsman

Rusty, Andreick, and Dan from the triple six crew.  Go check out their websites.


Waiting to get into the Tecquamenon Falls State Park

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