Monday, May 10, 2010

cold as a witches tittie!

Went riding today with Sean. Hooked up with brian at meijer and got to check out his new bike. Yamaha xj650 with a sweet as fuck metal flake paint job. Went to Walgreens to pickup a pair of tights to make another make shifter air filter,im going to call and find out if the goodson peeps have gotten replacement filters in stock yet. I have gone through 2 pairs of ladies tights using them as a filter hah. So then we met up with bones at his parents and went for a ride out to St Joe,which was nice but a little chilly. Had a nice chinese dinner and started the journey home. I dont think i have ever been so fucking cold,i couldn't even feel my knee caps! so anyways a couple things i noticed on the ride,i need to get a smaller oil tank mine is way too wide. I need to finish the new seat pan,my temporary seat sucks it big time. Also my neck bearings are a tad loose

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  1. Who is brain? Did you mean Brian? Also, start taking some pictures. It looks like you typed this blog with your hands still frozen. I think this blog should have a spelling and grammar checker if you're going to keep writing. TURD.