Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is a bike ever done?

Well,bones posted some pictures of my bike torn down and put back together.I set out to fix a broken axle plate and paint the frame.I added ont he fab kevin old school brake kit,which looks and works nice.I think the caliper ont he kit is a GSXR rear 2 piston.The plan was to paint the frame silver flake,but i ran out of money because i bought an Arlen Ness springer at a swap meet. I need to go through that yet before i can put it on,but it should be on there soon. I have a seat pan thats 3/4 finished that will go on it as i get done and send it out for some nice tuck in roll work,of course it is a rigid mounted seat.Later this week i am going to make up some mounting brackets for the alphabet hi/lo megaphones and put those on also.I don't think that my bike will ever be done!

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