Friday, May 7, 2010

harley davidson and the AMF mistakes.

I love my ironhead, don't get me wrong. I just recently ran into an issue that was not so fun to fix. My primary drain plug had stripped and would just spin in the hole, leaking the whole time. Although I don't mind small leaks on my bike, this one was spraying all over my back tire. Anyways, if I were an engineer I would have figured out some way to place this drain plug in the cover of the primary. For those of you familiar, the inner primary case is cast right into the engine cases. I purchased an oversized tap and bolt kit from Diggers Speed Shop and went to work. First of all, without a lift this job was next to impossible. Drilling and tapping a hole that could end up costing you hundreds of dollars is pretty stressful. After what seemed to be hours of trying to tap this thing straight I was done. The threads looked good and I was convinced I was in business. I buttoned up everything and put the plug back in. Now for the moment of truth, adding the fluid. NO LEAKS! I took it for a ride and had a few drinks at the bar. When I came back out to ride home guess what I saw. A huge fucking puddle of primary fluid. This drain plug kit did not come with a copper washer or O-ring to help seal and the pipe dope I put on the threads wasn't doing the trick. Next thing I find out it's pretty impossible to find a hardware store that sells copper sealing washers. So I picked up a few O-rings and I'm hoping it will fix my problem. Wish me luck! the whole point I am trying to make is, why would you put the drain plug in the cast cases? I would much rather replace a primary cover than new engine cases. Just sayin'.

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