Thursday, June 3, 2010

shakedown run

this last weekend was our shakedown run. andy,taylor,brian,sean, and i rode up to interlochen michigan and stayed at the cycle moore campground. jesi followed us with a van and a trailer with his bike in it and a bunch of tools also! as soon as we got there and started setting up we were greeted by drunk ass marines that were funny as hell. we finished getting ready and got drunk with them and then passed out.

Saturday we went into the cycle moore shop and met the owners and checked out their mini museum.they had some cool old bikes in there! adam met us after breakfast and we headed out for a ride around the penninsulas,but that ended quick with a little accident with andy and taylor which i will let them write about. so we went back to the campsite and grabbed the van and went tubing down the platte river. it was a good time and fun,for about the first hour. next time we will take the short route i think. the funniest part of tubing was sean getting wasted and singing down the river. oh and when he told us about this chick that looked hot from behind,but turned out to be retarded when she turned around! haha. later that night sean and i headed out and found the local strip club,which was all nude and no drinking. we also found out that they are ok with you drinking outside on the picnic tables,and if you need it the manager will make a beer run for you!

sunday was a real hot day,so we tried to head out for the same ride we were going on the previous day. this time with different leaders. jesi made it a few miles and his throttle cable broke,so he and adam went fishing. the rest of us headed up 37 into traverse city and then hit 22 and followed that around until we made it back to 31. it was a nice long ride with great scenery and lots of cool small little town. when we got back from that ride we threw some swing arms and decided to pack up and go home to miss the rain.

so anyways i will stop babbling and post some picture for you to look at and let bones and andy tell their stories!

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